Metal Crittall Windows Repairs
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Craft Decor have provided traditional sash window repairs for over 35 years.

Craft Decor are also Metal / Crittall Window specialists with experience of repairing & restoring most types of period metal windows.


Offering draughtproofing, double-glazing, replacement working parts, gaskets, joint sealants, weatherseals and effective treatments for timber sub-frames, Craft Decor can enhance your metal / crittall windows and improve their heat efficiency - allowing you to retain the original authentic look & feel of your property.

Metal-framed windows have been used for around 150 years, with Crittall being the UK's most notable metal (steel) window manufacturer.

Craft Decor- Metal Crittell WIndows Repairs

Craft Decor - Metal Crittall Window Replacement

Metal Crittal Windows were used extensively in the UK from the early 1920's within the government's housing schemes

following World War 1 and are still commonly found in residential & commercial properties from the Art Deco & Modernist periods of the early 20th Century.

Due to their age and heritage, steel or metal windows from these periods are often protected as an historic architectural feature, while many property owners simply want to retain the authentic appearance of their property - if heat retention and noise reduction can be achieved.

Craft Decor have many years of experience repairing, restoring and enhancing both wooden and metal windows

and work closely with the UK's few suppliers of replacement parts and metal window restoration solutions.

We also have a good reputation and proven track record of working with heritage architects, surveyors and planning departments across throughout Dorset, Hampshire and the South of England.

We guarantee a competitive quote, great customer service and quality craftsmanship.

Craft Decor Metal Crittal Window Replacement and repairs


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Craft Decor - Metal Crittal Window Repairs and replacements